About us

Specialists for well-being

The dedicated Kreuz team and their employees are led by the couple who hold the tenancy: Isabelle and Daniel Leuenberger with their Head Chef Christian Meffle. Culinary delights and attentive hospitality harmoniously combined - typical for the house in the square which is rich in tradition.

Hotel Opening Times

You can check-in and out when you want.
7 days a week throughout the whole year. 
Check-in 14.00 - 23.00 hrs, please contact reception in advance if you need to check-in earlier or later. Check-out until 11.00 hrs.
Early check-out before 06.45 hrs – please arrange this with reception the evening before.

Restaurant Opening Times

Monday to Friday7:00 – 23:30 hrs
Saturday7:30 – 23:30 hrs
SundayJanuar - February closed

Time Out Bar Opening Times

Monday to Thursday18:00 - 01:30 
Friday18:00 - 02:30 
Saturday18:00 - 02:30 
Sunday & public holidays, days off

Kreuz Team

Trainees, kitchen -office, service, bar, reception and floor


Akira SaengsaiKüche 2 Lehrjahr
Ivo KrähenbühlKüche 1 Lehrjahr
Michelle BrossardHotelfachfrau 3 Lehrjahr
Mery AmmanHotelfachfrau 2 Lehrjahr

Kitchen -Office:

Erich Frei
Roman Wohler
Yannic Stöckli
Nick Sahli
Patrick Rudolf
Soletti Denis
Dmytro Sharkevych


Isabelle Leuenberger
Sara Fonseca Do Amaral Cardoso
Cristina Teixeira Canario
Vasuki Vasanthakumar
Sandra Gaspar Reis

Service, Bar:

Gaby Grimm
Sara Kreide
Sandra Otero
Tomas Sliacky
Jaqueline Sauter
Lucie Schär
Barbara Dillier-Marti
Romy Schwab
Marlene Sommer
Sue Kunz


Daniel Leuenberger
Marina Aeschbacher
Sara Kreide